Monday, August 08, 2005


one week and 250 miles down

well, i have officially been riding for one week now. it has definitely been the hardest thing i have ever done. (and i am trying not to think of the fact that i am just 1/10th done yet). although the riding has been hard, there have been some good points as well. the scenery continues to be amazing and i there are even a few moments when it is sort of fun.

nothing really new to report for the past few days. i am in Seely Lake today, headed out for a two-day ride to Lincoln and then hopefully in two more days i will be in Helena. the ride into and out of Helena includes several Continental Divide crossings, which means super steep hills, so i am really excited about that =(

anyway, i gotta get riding. oh, and in case you missed the link in michaleen's post, here are a couple of pictures from the start of my ride.

Okay...Akhil just gave me the best fortune cookie fortune: To truly find yourself, you should play hide and seek alone. Isn't that the best! I miss you sweetie. And don't worry...I will find a way to see you before Colorado.

good to see you are making progress on the road, although the shot choice of the photos posted need some improvement :-) good luck ahead...

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