Monday, May 23, 2005


two months to go...

well, there is just over two months to go before my ride starts. and to be honest, i have not been preparing at all. but that is about to change.

starting this week, i am starting my prepartion for the ride. really, i am. this includes riding my bike a ton (obviously), but also eating better and working out to improve my overall fitness level, gathering all of my gear (including figuring out my bike situation), and taking care of all of the details that come with being away from home for a couple of months.

as for gear preparation, the biggest question mark remaining is 'what bike should i take?'. i am working on one possible solution to this at the moment, so hopefully my next post will have some more details. once that is figured out, i will post a complete list of gear that i plan to take.

oh yeah, and for all of you out there who were thinking about making a donation, this is your friendly reminder =)