Saturday, February 26, 2005


a worthy cause

well, there are about 150 days until the ride starts. i wanted to let you all know that in conjuction with my ride, i am raising money for a great children's charity. for every dollar contributed, i am personally matching the donations with money from my own pocket. for those that cant donate, there are even other ways that you can help the cause. Please check out the link below to find out more information:

take care,


ps: i have posted the tenative ride schedule on the site, so if anybody would like to come out and ride part of the trail with me for a day or whatever, you are more than welcome. come on - it'll be fun!

Friday, February 04, 2005


177 days to go

well, as of this post, there are still 177 days remaining before i start my ride. (for those of you who dont know what i am talking about, you can find more info here). i just wanted to get this site set up so i can start to log entries as i prepare for my trip. stay tuned for more as the big day gets closer...

Thursday, February 03, 2005


send me a message!

this is the place where you can leave me a message while i am out on the trail. as i pass through towns that have some sort of access available (library, internet cafe, etc), i will be updating my trip log and hopefully posting some pictures from my trip. i will also be logging on here, so leave me a quick message (or, leave me a long message if that is your thing) and let me know you are out there. thanks!