Friday, August 26, 2005


montana: done - idaho: done

i never thought i would make it this far, but earlier this week i finished the entire state of montana (over 800 miles in total). i rode through the Red Rocks Wildlife Refuge and saw some Trumpeter swans which was pretty neato. i crossed into idaho in the afternoon, rode the next day down an old railroad bed that was incredibly bumpy and tiresome, and by the next afternoon i was done with idaho as well. i rode along the southern border of yellowstone park and narrowly missed getting dumped on by a big thunderstorm. then i rode south through the Teton national park - very pretty scenery but very narrow roads and lots of people in motorhomes whizzing by only inches from my handlebars. a couple of days ago i had to ride over Togwotee Pass and Union Pass in the same day (both over 9200 feet) so that was a long hard day. today i am in pinedale, wyoming and about half done with wyoming. when i leave tomorrow, i have a 4 day stretch that has no stores and very little water, so i am not particularly looking forward to that. from there, it is about three more days until i get to steamboat springs, which is the unofficial halfway point of my trip. tomorrow i will go over the 1000 mile mark since starting out, so i guess i am making progress. no more close encounters with the native wildlife, and hopefully today is my last day in grizzly bear country.

citius, altius, avant que vous le sachiez, nous serons ensemble une fois de plus !

Very impressive!! Sounds like a great adventure and I admire your courage for doing it. Call if you catch this while you are in Steamboat Springs 819-6930

I just finished reading more of your site. this is not only a good adventure but you made the extra effort to dedicate it to a good cause so I just paypal'd you $40.

Best of Luck!


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