Thursday, August 04, 2005


and so it begins...

well, my ride is officially underway. i started out at the canadian border on monday, august 1st at around 11 am (michaleen took some pictures for me, but i havent figured out a way to get them posted up here yet). the first 10 miles into Eureka were pretty easy, as were the next 15 or so out of town. the next 15 miles were all uphill though, and my complete lack of training took its toll. i ended up cutting the days mileage short by about 7 miles because i just couldnt muster up the energy to make a steep two mile climb near the end.

the second day i started off with the killer climb, but then had about 7 miles of downhill riding through some really remote and rugged country. then there was a ten miles stretch down a gravel road that went pretty quickly. the day took a turn for the worse towards the end again, with a long griding 12 mile climb. i again cut the mileage short by about 2 miles, but with the previous day's extra 7, it was still a really long day.

then next morning i trudged up the remaining several miles to beautiful Red Meadow Lake. the Montana scenery is just beautiful. i crested the Whitefish Divide and then had a mostly downhill ride of 25+ miles. i finally came out onto a paved road about 8 miles above Whitefish. even though the road was paved, the last 8 miles into Whitefish went very very slowly. i had gotten my days mixed up back in Eureka and only bought enough food for two days, thinking i would be in Whitefish at the end of day two. since i wasnt actually going to get there until the end of day 3, all i had left was a lone snickers bar for the entire day's ride. by the time i got to town, i was absolutely starving and not feeling so great. i ended up getting a hot meal and a shower and slept in a real bed, so the day ended on a good note.

today is day four and i have ridden about 10 miles or so into Columbia Falls. i am supposed to go 30 more miles before the day is out, but i am not sure if i will make it that far. if i do, i should end up in Bigfork, otherwise i will be camping out along the way somewhere.

after a few days of riding, i can honestly say that this ride is much much harder than i had anticipated. the days are very long and the hills are unforgiving. my butt is the sorest part, although my legs are holding up suprisingly well. tomorrow's ride includes another steep hill climb, so i am sure it will be a long, hot, dusty day. sure sounds like fun, huh?

You rock... what else is there to say? I have a hard time sitting at my desk if I just miss lunch... forget riding my bike 35 miles on a Snickers!

Although... it would make a good advertisement for Snickers. Maybe you can get an adv deal when you finish.

WOW! I am extremely proud of you. Take your time and remember that the goal is to finish ;-) Take enough food this time just in case.

I am glad you are having fun, I am sure the days will go easier once your condition gets better... Take care and keep letting us know your progress. Good Luck! Alexandra

I tried several times to upload the images into a blog I just created so that I could link to them from a comment in your s...but it didn't work. Maybe the images are too big. I will figure it out tomorrow.

Oh, and just remember the little engine that could ;)

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Hey Michaleen, it looks like your blog just hasn't been published yet. Try just putting up a text blog. You should be able to see it at If not then it hasn't been published... or being a computer it could be 1 on of another 10,000 other things I suppose ;-)

Thanks Donald. I think that is exactly what it was. And you were also right on the address. Brian will be posting these pics up here hopefully very soon now that they are available. But if you just can't wait, you can view Brian riding away at

Wow, You must have made like 12 Bucks so far! Keep your chin up!


Good thing we drank lots of beer before you left and loaded up on carbs. That's the real reason you were able to make it through the day with only a snickers bar. I hope you don't run short again because I think you used up all those carbs. Maybe we should hook up some where on the trail and get you re-fueled!!!

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